When to Attend Hospital for Care

Information on when to attend the hospital for care during pregnancy
Key points for care:

• Keep all hospital and G.P appointments
• Bring your chart with you to all appointments
• You can ring the midwife or doctor in the hospital if you have concerns 24/7
• Whenever possible ring the hospital yourself so that accurate information can be obtained
- Maternity day assessment:
(091) 543878/543777 08.00 – 17.00hrs
- Labour ward triage:
(091) 54 4225/4226 17.00-08.00hrs
- Antenatal ward: (091) 54 4219/46

If you experience some or any of the following problems or have concerns you should ring or attend the hospital.

These include:

If your BABY’S MOVEMENTS are reduced you must contact the hospital:
• It is very important to have an awareness of your baby’s movements and you must come straight to hospital if you feel your baby’s movements are less than normal for you.
If you are unsure about your baby’s movement?
• You should lie down on your left side and focus on your baby’s movements for the next 2 hours. If you do not feel ten or more separate movements during these 2 hours, you should attend the hospital for assessment as soon as possible.
If your WATERS BREAK you should ring the hospital and attend for assessment
• It is necessary to confirm that your waters are gone, to check the colour of the fluid (liquor), to record your baby’s heartbeat and make a plan for your baby’s birth
If you have any bright red, period like BLEEDING you must present to hospital.
• Bleeding in pregnancy is not normal and should be assessed. Vaginal bleeding or spotting during pregnancy can have many causes. Some are serious and some are not. Bleeding may occur early or late in pregnancy. Come to the hospital if you have any vaginal bleeding. If you are Rhesus Negative you may require anti-D injection.
• If you experience a fall or any trauma to the abdomen you should attend for assessment as you may require examination and anti-D (if you are rhesus negative).

If you think you are in LABOUR:
• If you have strong, painful, regular contractions you should come into hospital. If labour is not yet established you may be advised to return home. This decision will be based on the findings of a thorough examination and in consultation with you.
• If you have a history of rapid labours come to hospital without delay if you think labour has started.
Signs of PRE ECLAMPSIA or high blood pressure:
If you are developing a condition known as pre eclampsia you may experience some or all of the following symptoms:
• severe headaches
• visual disturbances
• your fingers and feet become very swollen
• severe pain below the ribs
• feeling very unwell
If concerned please contact your G.P or the hospital for advice.

Be aware of all risk factors for INFECTION
You should contact your G.P. or the maternity unit immediately if you feel concerned, unwell and/or if you notice any of the following during pregnancy or after your baby is born:
1. Sore throat, chest infection
2. Urinary tract infections, pain/ burning when passing urine
3. Genital tract infection (vaginal/uterine infection) leading to vaginal discharge which may be foul smelling and/ or an unusual change in colour
4. Abdominal pain
5. Sudden increase in vaginal bleeding postnatally
6. Chills, flu type symptoms
7. Vomiting and/or diarrhoea
8. After a Caesarean Section if your scar becomes red or painful

Complete any course of antibiotics that you are prescribed during pregnancy and the post natal period. This may also prevent more serious infection developing.
If you have other concerns, had an admission with another complaint and have the same symptoms, please do not hesitate to contact the hospital or attend for assessment.

Prior to discharge home do you have any queries regarding..?
• Next appointment □
• Outstanding laboratory results □
• Signs of labour □
• Foetal movements □
• Waters breaking □
• Bleeding □
• Severe headaches/swollen hands/feet □
• Infection □
• Other □

If you have a query ask your doctor or midwife prior to going home

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