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Community Midwives

Community Midwives Antenatal Clinics


What are the Midwives Clinics?
Midwives view pregnancy and childbirth as a normal life event and are the key professionals in ensuring women have a safe and satisfactory experience throughout pregnancy. Midwives clinics are a popular choice for many women. The benefits of this option of care include:

  • That the woman will generally meet the same midwives throughout her pregnancy and provided she has a normal delivery may avail of the Early Transfer Home service provided by the Midwives. (within the city boundaries).
  • The midwives provide women centred care, working with the woman and her partner or significant other throughout pregnancy.
  • Promotion and support of breastfeeding.
  • The midwives can provide information and assist women in making choices during pregnancy and for childbirth.
  • The midwives co-ordinate care for the women with other healthcare professionals as required.

Who attends the midwives clinics?
Women eligible to attend are those whose pregnancies are low risk, they have the option of having their care provided by a team of midwives throughout the antenatal period in the hospital or an outreach clinic.

How can I attend the midwives clinic?
At your first hospital booking visit, women who wish to attend the midwives clinic can be referred by their:

  • Consultant obstetrician
  • General practitioner or
  • self referral

When and where are the midwives clinics?

If you have been referred to the midwives clinic by your consultant obstetrician you will receive your next antenatal appointment for the MIDWIVES CLINIC by post.

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