Good control of diabetes during pregnancy will reduce any risk to you and your baby.

Your Clinic Visits

The clinic is run by a specialist team of staff which includes a diabetes doctor, obstetrician,ultrasonographer, midwife, diabetes specialist nurse and dietitian.

Parentcraft classes are also available to give you more information about your delivery and postnatal care. Each clinic visit may last 1-2 hours but your booking or first visit usually takes a little longer.

A sample of blood may be taken from you at your visit to find out the level of glucose (sugar) in your blood and your average glucose (HbA1c test) level. Your Diabetes Doctor will discuss these results and make changes to your treatment as required. You will be seen by an Obstetrician who will check that all is well with both you and your baby. You will have ultrasound scans to check the baby’s wellbeing.

If you are on Insulin or tablet treatment you will be seen at the clinic every two weeks. If you are treated with diet and exercise you will be seen every four weeks.

Regular attendance is very important so that we can closely monitor your diabetes and pregnancy. You will also have regular phone contact from your Diabetes Nurse Specialist between clinic visits.

Diabetes Explained

Diabetes mellitus is a condition where the amount of sugar in the blood becomes too high.

Type 1 Diabetes

This type of diabetes develops when the body is unable to produce insulin, which is a hormone that helps sugar enter the cells. It usually appears before the age of 40 and is treated by insulin injections, diet and exercise.

Type 2 Diabetes

This type of diabetes develops when the body still produces some insulin but not enough, or when the insulin that is produced does not work properly (insulin resistance). It may be treated in a number of ways including diet, exercise, tablets and insulin injections.

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