Bathing your Baby

Bathing your baby


1. Baby Bath.
2. Roll of cotton wool.
3. Towels/Blankets.
4. Bathing lotion/mild, unscented.
5. Baby shampoo.


1. Ensure the room is warm, with all requirements for the bath close at hand.
2. Fill the bath with cold water first, and add the hot water just before the bath commences.
3. The water should be warm not hot. Check the temperature with your elbow (37.7°C on bath thermometer)
4. Undress baby down to its nappy. Wrap baby in bath towel enclosing the baby’s arms.
5. Wash baby’s face and head with cotton wool moistened in water. When washing eyes use a separate cotton wool ball for each eye wiping from the inner corner to the outer corner.
• Clean the baby’s nose ears face with wet cloth paying particular attention to behind the ears and under the chin. Pat dry.
• To wash the baby’s head a baby shampoo can be added to the water. Wash baby’s head and rinse. Pat dry.
• Remove towel and baby’s nappy lift baby into bath gently use one hand to support baby’s head and neck, and the other hand to support baby’s legs.
Ensure baby is well supported.
• Wash baby paying special attention to skin creases, under the arms around the neck and the genital area.
• Lift baby out of the bath wrap in a towel immediately and ensure the head is covered. Dry gently paying attention to creases in skin folds.
• Apply barrier cream to baby’s bottom and apply a clean nappy.
• Dress Baby and follow safe sleep guidelines.
• Return baby to cot and reposition on his/her back with legs to the bottom of the cot. No duvet, baby nests or cot bumpers should be used under 1 year.

NOTE: When bathing baby never leave baby alone. If you take your eyes off the baby keep your hands on the baby.

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