Peanut Ball

Peanut Ball

What is a Peanut Birth Ball?
A peanut ball is a birth ball in a peanut shape, which you can use during pregnancy, labour and post pregnancy in relation to support and positioning.

The peanut ball has been found to be at its best when used by women who receive epidural and are lying down and are unable to use other proven optimal birth positions such as squatting or using a typical round birth ball.

The ball sits comfortably between the patient’s legs, aiding support and helping to open the pelvis and encouraging the baby to descend into the pelvis.


Side laying Squat Position:
When you are tired and exhausted and need to rest and lay down or you have had an epidural and you are either not allowed or able to stand, the peanut ball can be used to simulate optimal labour positions while in a resting posture, by opening the pelvis and allowing the baby room to descend.

Laying Squat Position:
This position simulates a squat whilst laying down bringing your knees up and opening the hips into a squat. (similar to using stirrups), but much better and more comfortable!

Laying Lunge Position:
The laying down lunge can be used to open the pelvis, and help rotate the babies head.

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