Where are the classes held?
The antenatal classes are held in the Physiotherapy Room, ground floor of the Maternity Unit.

What will I wear?
Comfortable clothing is advisable.

How long are the classes?
The classes are generally two hours in duration.

Can I bring something to eat/drink?
Chilled water is provided but if you are coming from work you are free to bring a sandwich/roll with you.

Who facilitates the classes?
The antenatal and postnatal classes are facilitated by a team of health professionals. Most courses are facilitated by a Midwife and a Physiotherapist. Other health professionals are invited at various stages e.g. Dietitian, Social Worker, Anaesthetist and Public Health Nurse.

Where will I park my car?
There is parking available in the Hospital but as the car parks are very busy please allow extra time to park your car.

Is there a fee?
There is no fee, classes are free of charge.

My partner is unable to attend all sessions, what are my options?
There is a new course to suit your situation. You are invited to attend a course consisting of two women’s only classes and one class with your partner.

Which class is most important for him to attend?
All classes are important but we try and have the tour of the Labour Ward, and location of the day and night time entrance during class three.

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